MERCEDES-BENZ 516 *coc* 5500 kg furgoneta de pasajeros nueva

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64.736 €
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Modelo 516 *coc* 5500 kg
Tipo furgoneta de pasajeros
Año de fabricación 2021
Kilometraje 10 km
Cantidad de asientos 19+1+1
Peso bruto 5500 kg
Ubicación Rumanía BUCURESTI
Fecha de publicación hoy
Id. de Autoline ZV21548
Dimensiones totales longitud - 7367 m
Depósito de combustible 75 l
Marca Mercedes Benz 516
Tipo en línea
Potencia 160 Hp (118 kW)
Combustible diésel
Volumen 2200 cm³
Número de cilindros 4
Euro Euro 6
Filtro antipartículas
Cajas de cambios
Marca Mercedes-Benz
Tipo manual
Número de transmisiones 7
Ruedas gemelas
Asientos regulables
Cinturones de seguridad
Iluminación individual
Flujo de aire individual
Calefacción estática Eberspächer
Ordenador de abordo
Radio de coche CD, MP-3
Elevalunas electrico
Cierre centralizado
Banderas de señal
Visera parasol
Equipo adicional
Depósito de AdBlue 25 l
Estado nuevo
Color blanco
Información adicional: Rumano
We are a factory for minibuses and we make every month around 20 minibuses: Sprinter VIP/22+1+1/19+1+1/16+1+1
For all our vehicles you receive European APPROVAL no. e6*2007/46*0332*00/01/02
ISO9001/ ISO14001
-oferta cu echipare 19+1+1 locuri, Mercedes Sprinter IDILIS 5000 kg.
-OFFER OF EQUIPMENT 19 + 1 + 1 seats, Mercedes Sprinter 5000 kg.

English :
-Thermal and acoustic insulation of the cabin with mineral wool with a thickness of 10 cm.
-Equipment with 19 reclining seats + 1 guiden seat , auto upholstery with folding armrests to aisle and 3-points seat belts. Travellers entrance is through the front door..
-Mahogany decoration to the dashboard and abowe windows
14 mm Tego layered floor, full covered with anti-slip, waterproof and wear-resistant
material matching the interior trim.
-Seat-mounting metal rails of 4 mm thickness.
-Raised bridge on both sides for all seats with aluminum profile LED
-Making structural strength in cabin.
- Leather upholstery and interior automotive fabrics
-Mounted installation lighting installation independent of the car in the passenger
compartment with LED
-Curtains on each window
-Safety glass exit hatch mounted.
-Stainless steel climbing handrails mounted.
-Eberspacher heater mounted in stationary
-Webasto brand air conditioning mounted
-Air conditioning ducts fitted with individual lights and speakers for each row of seats
and luggage rack light.
-Air duct is prolonged and also for the driver.
- Passenger compartment lighting with LED longitudinal profiles on air conditioning duct
-Free distribution grids for air conditioning in the upper cooling ducts to enable minibus climatisation when individual passengers grids are closed.
-Hoses to the air conditioning and heating system are isolated and fixed with plastic and metal clips.
-Welding and screws are soundproofed, and the holes resulting from the passage of
heat and air conditioning hoses, and electrical installations, are sealed with mastic.
-Luggage compartiment separate by passengers lounge.
-USB for every passanger for charge telephone
-AC System semi-automatic, Tempmatic
-right front glass dor, electric door for right side(passanger)
-Deep luggage space in the back
-Large panoramic termophan windows Nira with rear glass
-dome dressed
-driver's seat in the same material with seats
-stainless steel wheel cover
-bumpers and side plastick paynted with same collors like car
-cover AC painted
-Side skirt from fyber and painted with same collor like car
-2 radiator with fan and system for heat with water
-AC webasto
-Towing (hitch trailer)
-fyber skirt
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